Eagle Platforms


Eagle Platforms located in Sheffield provide services to businesses that range from access platform hire to safety training including IPAF training and PASMA training.


Eagle Platforms are quickly becoming a trusted resource for all businesses that require access equipment, particularly due to their money back guarantee to any client that isnít satisfied with their service.


Hiring Equipment from Eagle Platforms


Eagle platforms offer a wide range of different equipment for hire to cater to business needs including scissor lifts, boom lifts and telehandlers. All the equipment that Eagle Platforms provides has been carefully selected and sourced from top manufacturers to ensure customers can trust the quality of the equipment that they use. Business owners also have a wide range of options when they choose to hire equipment like this. They can select multiple machines, one piece of equipment and hire the heavy machinery for a single day or on a long-term contract with machines ranging from a 3-metre working height up to 14m working height.


They also offer various other pieces of equipment for hire including cranes and articulating booms. What makes Eagle Platforms stand out from other suppliers is that they are able to offer expert advice on how to best use the equipment that they provide and the ideal way to approach any particular job.


Eagle Platforms Training Services


As well as offering machinery for hire, the company has 30 years of experience in the access industry and as such is in the perfect position to provide training. In fact, the business has actually won awards for its training courses, providing a service that is both personal and informative.


They offer four accredited IPAF courses including an IPAF safety harness training course, PAV (push along vertical training) and operator training for scissor lift and boom equipment. As such, the business allows company owners to cover all basis, getting their employees the training for the equipment they choose to hire.


The company also offers PASMA working at height training which is aimed at people using mobile access towers.


Looking to The Future


Currently, Eagle Platforms is having great success in the market and has recently relocated to new offices. Although the head office is in Sheffield, they have hubs all over the UK ensuring they can provide a full service to businesses on a national level. They have recently purchased additional equipment to keep up with the growing demand for their machines.


With awards for training achievements and supplies of top brand access equipment for hire or for sale, Eagle Platforms is quickly becoming one of the leading access platform and safety training companies in the UK.